Archive the choice your customers made about their consent in a single click with YESNOLOGY!

YESNOLOGY is an intuitive and secure instrument, designed to digitally resolve the need to provide privacy policies and collect data, information and users‘ consents.

Managing the GDPR is easier now

Simple Interface

Connect the archives of your users‘ consent with any management program or platform, including a website.

Managing Roles

You can decide who will have the role of managing the different sections of the platform, coherently with the roles and tasks within the company. Your DPO or your privacy consultant may monitor your compliance, in real time.

An updated database

Gather the preferences of all the persons to whom you ask for their consent: you will then get a database whose situation can be updated in real time, in order to kick-start newsletters, marketing campaigns or any other activity.

YESNOLOGY is your most suitable solution to manage the GDPR

Whatever your activity or need may be,

gathering and managing users‘ consent will no longer be a problem with YESNOLOGY.

For your Marketing

Make use of all the contacts, always updated, you have gathered and archived: send newsletters and communications to promote your products or services.

To create business opportunities

Should you request the users‘ consent to share your contacts with others, you will always have the list of those who gave their consent available. You will therefore be able to plan the sharing of contacts together with other data controllers and activate new business developments: create winning partnerships!

For Events

Do you have to organize an event? Are you taking part in a trade show? Do you need to gather images and videos? You can use YESNOLOGY to request all the information and the consents you need.

To create business opportunities


Manage privacy policies and the consent by the users without the need to print anything. YESNOLOGY is convenient and contributes to environmental sustainability.


How many of you receive unwanted email messages, SMS messages? Does this mean that privacy does not exist? It does exist, indeed! And everyone has the inalienable right to decide if, how and when they can be contacted.

YESNOLOGY was created to allow people to decide, control and change their mind concerning the communications they can receive.

Why do you need it

It is an instrument focused on those who collect personal information, data and contacts, in order to ensure that they will always use them in full compliance with the rules and, most of all, with the will of the persons they belong to.

Its advantages

Companies, public administrations, associations, and everyone collecting information and data through YESNOLOGY will have a list of aware contacts, who wish to receive information, at their disposal.

Our values, Your Benefits

Simplicity, transparency, security, compliance with the law and respect for people: these are our values. We think that whoever collects information and data has to do that only to offer services to the owners of said data. It is very important for us. For the persons to have full control on their data, they must know exactly what they are for and how will they be used, in full compliance with their fundamental rights, one of which is the right to change their mind and to modify their preferences easily