How does it work?

There are two ways to log in, one fort the Data Controller and one for the Data Subjects:

The Data Controller, that is to say a company, a public administration or an association – i.e. all the actors which have to collect the personal information and data of people and have to comply with the GDPR.

The Data Subject, i.e. the person owning the personal data and information.


Create your folders

If you are a company (using a back-end interface), you can create folders for each document to be sent


Insert your content

The content can be inserted in any given folder, in several languages, and with the possibility of adding further prompt fields for the personal data and information to be gathered, beyond the users’ consent.


Invite the subjects on the platform

Once the folder has been completed, the email address of the person that will receive and fill in the document, a mail can be sent to invite the subject on the platform.

[Every invitation remains registered within a secure and protected database].


The users can register on the platform and modify their consent

The person can receive his or her invitation, then he or she can register on the website, examine the document, answer the questions and provide his or her preferences concerning the consent or the denial pertaining to the data processing.

At the end of the process, the Data Controller can see the answers provided by the customers within the database. The persons having registered on the website for the first time can log on the website as data subjects.


Users can manage their consent online

Users can log it, check the situation of the documents they have received and of the consent they have provided over time and they can also modify their preferences. All of this can be carried out in a simple, swift and, most of all, secure, way.


The platform can be used both from a browser and linked to any management program or to any website by means of the available APIs. Every step is highly customizable by means of simple masks making some pre-loaded elements available and it may be further customized, when the prompt fields to be requested, for the texts concerning the users’ consent and the rest of the invitation mail are concerned.